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#7 Install trac locally and create a trac plugin new bzum,vilsonvieira task critical rc01-aa-as-trac
#10 Interface to upload screencast new bzum,kamiarc task major
#25 make post the default command new vilsonvieira enhancement minor default-end-of-2011
#27 use a buffer input for aa new vilsonvieira enhancement minor
#31 shows all the last shout messages of the user that will be validated new kamiarc enhancement minor
#71 AA Time Improvements new aut0mata enhancement major
#73 libnotify missing should be reported with error message new vilsonvieira task trivial default-end-of-2011
#107 No such file message on aa stop new vilsonvieira bug major default-end-of-2011
#109 AAPP sending empty shouts new vilsonvieira task minor default-end-of-2011
#114 comment on a log not working on the web new vilsonvieira task critical default-end-of-2011
#131 check all on 'validar page' new vilsonvieira enhancement major default-end-of-2011
#177 translate pAAintel into english new vilsonvieira task critical default-end-of-2011
#158 aa + twitter: @logmacambira assigned everyone task major default-end-of-2011
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