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#85 develop sip, fix bugs, improve doc assigned hick209,wakkuu,penalv,ricardofab task blocker learn-scripting-vision
#171 modify the kernel driver for the PS3 Eye new ricardofabbri task blocker airhacktable2
#174 install airhackatble color detection sound modulation code new hick209,wakkuu task blocker airhacktable2
#19 play with bundler and curve-based reconstruction assigned hick209, penalv, wakkuu task critical rec3D-up-n-running
#96 C++ crashcourse screencast new ricardofabbri task critical learn-cpp-vision
#102 play with video editing software for Linux assigned wakkuu,penalv task critical video-editor-dev
#149 dev blender new hick209 task critical video-editor-dev
#151 sip - write help for color_classify reopened hick209 task critical learn-scripting-vision
#17 write a python vs. scilab comparative study assigned penalv task major python-vs-scilab
#92 Link OpenCV to SIP accepted hick209 task major code-video
#93 Play with camera stabilization new everyone task major airhacktable2
#98 learn basics of histogram modification new hick209,wakkuu,penalv task major airhacktable2
#99 research: trinocular pose from curves new ricardofabbri, anyone_interested task major rec3D-up-n-running
#150 tracking algorithms / rastreamento new hick209 task major airhacktable2
#18 Learn VXL and OpenCV assigned hick209, penalv, wakkuu task minor learn-cpp-vision
#82 exercicio: Noir rendering vs. Contour rendering reopened wakkuu task minor learn-cpp-vision
#90 learn Leptonica library new wakkuu,hick209,penalv task minor learn-cpp-vision
#97 computer vision overview screencast new ricardofabbri task minor code-video
#148 Skin detection new hick209,wakkuu,ricardofabbri task minor airhacktable2
#76 write texts on the topic that you learn, up to google docs, share new everyone task trivial sticky-forever
#80 learn image processing with PIL new hick209,wakkuu,penalv task trivial learn-scripting-vision
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