Implement the basic functionalities of AA on Trac.

A simple JS/HTML page with source code embedded. The source code could be executed, generating data visualization.

Next step is to embed the reacwiki on whatever page we want.

A JS lib with input and output as JSON data.

It could create any image map (with filters and onmouseclick/hover events mapped on a <canvas> element) specified.

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A JS lib with inputs and outputs as JSON data. It could create any time line specified.

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This is version 2 of the airhacktable software and related technology. We want to improve the algorithms and use more sophisticated computer vision, as well as fork other projects that could use the same engine/core technology

This milestone aims to compare videochat applications (without regards to telephony). The aim is to substitute skype and other web conferencing for day-to-day video chat and multi-person meetings. See the GT-Video webpage.

Compare python versus scilab for prototyping image processing and computer vision, and choose a scripting language for #gt-video.

Actual development of a series of bugfixes and feature enhancements to free software for video conferencing. This is a catch-all milestone. Tasks here may migrate to more specific milestones as time progresses.

Milestone: compare-voip

6 years late (02/29/12 03:00:00)

Objetivo e' testar e comparar softwares para realizar ligacoes pela internet, visando substituir o skype. Completada esta milestone, devemos ser fluentes nas tecnologias envolvidas, bem como qual conjunto de software (ekiga, empathy, asterisk) vale mais a pena investir.

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