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research: trinocular pose from curves

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This is a research ticket.

This ticket involves recovering the positions and rotations of three different cameras, given curve/contour fragments that have been matched across them.

We will probably reduce the image curves to points and associated tangents.

This problem requires solving a large system of polynomial equations.

You must learn about computional algebraic geometry, whose goal is to study systems of polynomials. You have to learn groebner bases, resultants, elimination methods, etc.

After that you have to devise a numerical method implementing this.

The result of this algorithm can be used in structure-from-motion algorithms that automatically solves for each camera and for the 3D curves, given only a sequence of 2D images acquired from different viewpoints (e.g. video).

In parallel to Lab Macambira, you can develop this as part of your undergraduate research (iniciacao cientifica), or even masters.

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